1. Agitu Wodajo,

Agitu Wodajo has more than thirty-five years of extensive experience working with governmental, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the United Nations in the areas of sustainable development, women empowerment, healthcare, gender equality, humanitarian/development aid, violence against women and crisis intervention both in Ethiopia and the United States; Track record of problem-identification and creative problem-solving approaches including policy-advocacy that lift barriers and culturally appropriate services that build self-reliance and enhance sustainability; Expertise in designing and implementing self-sufficiency programs for women; Demonstrated experience in addressing the root-cause of poverty rather than treating the symptoms; Proven ability in policy design, recommendations and implementation; Expertise and passion in developing and providing advocacy and culturally appropriate direct services to victims of violence against women and children while building their self-esteem and self-reliance; Demonstrated ability in building collaboration and partnership with relevant stakeholders towards providing greater services with minimum resources; Rich experience and ability in designing and providing training; Traveled extensively, participated in and presented at international conferences concentrating on gender equality, women empowerment, harmful traditional practices (FGM) sustainable development, healthcare, refugees and the internally displaced people, conflict management, and peace-keeping.

Agitu obtained diplomas in community nursing and pediatric nurse-practitioner before moving to the Unites States, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and a Master’s degree in Public Affairs as well as numerous awards and recognitions. She is a published author. Her book titled: The Secret to Finishing Well: Quest for Authentic Leadership is available through this website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and “home” eBook stores.

2. Business Development, Marketing and Finance Consultant (To be posted).

3. Agricultural Development Consultant (To be posted)

4. IT and Technical Support Consultant (To be posted)